Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

Our membership privacy statement has been amended and we have adopted a disclaimer on advice from the Federation of SeniorNet Societies. The following applies to all members:  

Privacy statement

By providing your personal information to SeniorNet Wellington (SeniorNet):

1.   You agree that SeniorNet may collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information: 

a.   to provide information or services to you;

b.   for administrative purposes, including managing records of members;

c.    to contact you;

for any other reason permitted by the Privacy Act 2020.

You acknowledge that if you have not or do not provide the requested personal information, then SeniorNet may not be able to provide information or services to you;

You agree to advise SeniorNet of any changes to your personal information, so that SeniorNet can keep the information held up-to-date; and

You acknowledge that you have a right to request access to, or correction of, the personal information held by SeniorNet.


You acknowledge that:

1.   You are solely responsible for keeping your passwords secure and will not divulge them to SeniorNet Tutors or Officers.

2.   In requesting SeniorNet Wellington to provide services, including help with your device(s), You acknowledge and agree any such services will be provided by volunteers on a “all care, no responsibility” basis and that neither SeniorNet Wellington, nor any of its tutors, will be liable for any loss, damage or cost howsoever caused arising out of, or in any way related to, such services or SeniorNet Wellington’s, access to or use of your device(s), including: 

a.   loss, damage or corruption, of any software, files or data, on your device(s), or the cost of retrieving, restoring or recreating such data, records or files; or 

b.   loss or damage to your device(s), including the loss of functionality of your device(s). 

3.   You agree that you will not bring any claim against SeniorNet Wellington, or any of its tutors in relation to any services provided.

SeniorNet Wellington will continue to protect the privacy of your personal information and tutors will continue to treat any device(s) you entrust to them with the utmost care and respect.